Carrot Almond Kheer

Carrots and almonds come together so perfectly in this dessert drink! A mild saffron infused flavor enhances the whole experience. Add any sweetener of choice and also make it entirely vegan! Delish however we make it !

Coconut Rice

Cooked rice tossed in an aromatic blend of shredded coconut, a classic south Indian tempering, added cashews for that extra crunch and flavor, makes for a great vegan, gluten free meal. Serve it with any curry of choice or a simple raita for a scrumptious meal!

Yellow Peas Sundal

Dried whole yellow peas, that are soake dovernight, cooked and then tossed in this absolutely delicious mix of coconut, chili and cilantro ……Pattaani Sundal…a vegan warm peas salad…delicious and nutritious !

Latest Posts

Kadalai Paruppu Sundal

Split Bengal Gram dal / Kadalai Paruppu / tossed in a tempering that is classic South indian, with the fragrance of coconut oil and freshly grated coconut makes for a delicious sundal/ warm salad!

Kadai Paneer

Bell peppers and paneer stir fry, mildly spiced with garam masala, a touch of tanginess from the tomato comes together deliciously in this curry, that makes for a great accompaniment for roti, rice, naan, etc. A must try, easy recipe ! Make it vegan by using tofu.

Chow Chow Kootu

A simple and delicious South Indian version of a dal. Chayote squash and yellow mung dal come together beautifully in this curry/dal and make for a great accompaniment for rice, roti or any carb of choice. Read on for variation in this recipe.

Easy Homemade Curry

A basic tomato-onion based curry sauce, that is versatile and absolutely delicious. Make a big batch, eat some with pasta instead of the traditional sauces and save the rest for another day to eat with roti/naan. This sauce works so well with pasta !


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