Potato Pumpkin Cheese Croquettes

What’s better than deep fried, gorgeously golden brown looking, filled with cheese, made with the world’s most favorite tuber – the potato? Adding some pumpkin purée to the whole deal !! mmm….mmm..delish.

Mixed Fruit Slushy

Some frozen fruits, a little bit of fruit juice, sweetened with a common pantry ingredient and lots of ice, makes for a yummy slushy, that is easy to make and totally wins the children over ! A must try, if I may.

Instant Pot Basmati Pulao

A quick, easy, mildly spiced and flavorful one pot rice that would be perfect for a day when time seems to fly and yet the tummy grumbles on time ! MAking it in an electric pressure cooker saves time and preserves the flavors…..a yummy meal ready in minutes!

Latest Posts

Broccoli Cheese Soup

If you love a mean broccoli cheese soup, I would urge you to try this one! It contains all the ingredients in the original soup recipe but in a lighter sense, so look no further for a less guilt indulgence. Delicious soup and no compromise in taste…you gotta try this one!! A vegetarian version as well.

Cornbread Upma

The best possible outcome when a Southern classic meets a South indian classic at the breakfast table ! Spicy and sweet, soft on the inside and a tad crispy outside, bread upma is a delicious way to enjoy bread! We love it, hope you do too !

Green Mung Korma

A whole green mung kurma that is easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious. I have sprouted them for added nutrition and flavor. The addition of paneer makes it appealing for younger palates. Eat it with roti, naan, rice, quinoa,etc.,. Delicious was the verdict!

Blueberry Boy Bait

An absolutely delicious, mildly sweet, slightly tart and super moist blueberry treat that will draw the attention of the entire family. Make it for breakfast /snack/dessert or just because you carved some!


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