Rose Milk Badam Frappe

A Yummy melange of East and West

Badam Rose Milk Frappe

Rose milk is a drink very popular in our household. The rose essence is made of sugar and rose petals. We have used store bought rose syrup here. You can make your own or use your favorite brand of rose syrup. A typical rosemilk, is rose syrup mixed in cold milk. Hot sunny afternoons call for cold milk. Albeit the filter coffee lovers brave the 40 degree celsius weather and do not forgo their hot cuppa joy, the non-coffee addicts and the children of the house usually take to the cold milk concoctions. Like rose milk, badam milk, mango milkshake, chikoo milkshake, etc.,. These fruit milkshakes usually do not have ice cream. Just milk and ripe summer fruits, blended until smooth and creamy.

Rose milk is an easy fix when we have rose syrup on hand. I have never made my own….yet. My mother used to give us a nice glass of cold rose milk during the summer months in India. My son has taken a liking to it, thanks to a dear friend for this ! But he prefers it during the warmer weather. Mr.M has this knack of elevating the ordinary to extraordinary (yup….his kids think that he totally deserves his own cooking show on a very popular network, just for coming up with these weird/awesome combos!!) So, tonight it was Rose Milk in a new avatar!

Rose Milk Badam Frappe! Now, the most important thing to remember here is, this is not classified as a healthy recipe. This is pure indulgence, surrendering to a craving for something sweet, especially after dinner. So…..ya…..just leaving this disclaimer out here 😉 ! Can easily become a vegan Frappe if you use the non dairy milk and cream that you like.

Ingredients Needed:

Makes 3 cups :

1.Rose syrup (any store bought brand of your choice) – 1.5 tablespoon or to taste.

2. MTR Badam mix or any other – 1 tablespoon or to taste

3. Milk of choice – 2 cups

4. Ice cubes – about 12-15

5. Heavy Whipping cream – 2 tablespoon 6. Whipped cream for topping

How to :

Blend all the above ingredients except the whipped cream, in a blender until the ice is crushed well. It should resemble a slushy. Please do not over blend it and make it a smooth liquid. The ice gives it the frappe texture. Taste it and add more of any of the above ingredients to personalize it and make it to your taste. Pour it in a drinking glass, top it with whipped cream and enjoy !!

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