Spicy Onion Thokku (Relish)

Thokku is this delicious South Indian pickle made from either finley grating a vegetable or making a puree of it (soft, watery like tomatoes) and simmering it in Sesame oil and an aromatic concoction of spices. A tadka rounds up the flavor. Make it as spicy as you want it to be, add a hint of sweetness, make it your own!

  • These recipes are like a blank canvas, fill it with what you like. This Onion Thokku recipe is a very basic one and very specific to our likes. Improvise and make it your own.
  • Add some garlic or tamarind extract for the extra oomph!
  • You can be generous with the heat factor….spice it up really well.
  • You can add some pureed tomatoes to this.
  • Mince onions in a food processor for a smoother texture.
  • Add herbs like curry leaves or mint for added flavor.

Once, the Thokku cools down completely , transfer it to a clean glass jar and store it in the fridge fo upto 2 weeks. I am telling you, it will not last that long 😉 !! Enoy !

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