Who We Are

The Foodie Quartet


Hello ! My name is Vaidehi, call me Vai, I am very excited about to be here. We are a family of 4. Our time together cooking in the kitchen, eating and chit chatting at the dining table or by the TV(yes, we eat our dinner in front of the TV, it is an earned privilege) are times we look forward to and cherish a lot.Most of the writing and posting will be by me, with guest appearances from the rest of the quartet. I am not a techie which means I cook better than I blog!

I am a home cook (close to 2 decades now), my husband is the visiting cook (a very valuable one) and our children can put together a good snack from the pantry or freezer ingredients. They are learning to make their own meals now. Thusly, TheFoodieQuartet !!

We are from Chennai, Tamil Nadu (a Southern state in India), love our native cuisine! Our taste in food has evolved over the years. We have come to appreciate, enjoy and relish cuisines from around the world. We have a lot more learning and eating to do.

We wanted a place to save our kitchen trials, triumphs and troubles, and also share it with everyone that would be interested in similar cuisine and food that we cook and eat at home. To everyone that has inspired us to cook, THANK YOU !

A special thank you to my amma, ammamma, paati, sister and mother-in-law for all the learnings and inspirations ❤️!!

Photographs are taken on either my smart phone or our Nikon DSLR (which I am still trying to learn how to use). We have been taking pictures of our kitchen adventures and misadventures, posting it on our private Instagram page for about 2 years now. Please email us if you need to use them.

I have been diligently following many many home cooks via their blog. They have inspired me, come to my rescue on the nights I had no clue what to cook for dinner and also absolutely amaze me at how meticulous they are at keeping up with it all. Thank you, from the bottom of my 🧡!

A lot of these recipes are from my mother, grandmothers, mother-in law and my sister. Recipes inspired by the food we eat at our friends’, extended family’s homes and restaurants will be shared here.

I do not believe in plagiarism, so credit will be given where and when needed. We are not trying to compete with anyone, we are just pursuing our interest :)!

English is not my native language, so kindly excuse the grammatical errors and lack of finesse in the writing.

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